Saturday, 30 March 2013

Small changes.

Yesterday, I did what I said I was going to do and went and bought healthy food. It is a small change, but small changes make big changes and any sort of change ultimately makes a difference.
So, I bought some red grapes, fat free Actimel raspberry yoghurt and a carton of strawberry and banana Innocent smoothie.
I know I know, it's not a lot but I am actually going away for a week on holiday so I didn't buy a lot as it would get wasted, and little changes are good; big changes all of a sudden kind of scare me.
I mean, as for me eating the stuff, I haven't touched the grapes yet, but I plan on munching on them tomorrow when I watch LOTR with my boyfriend instead of sweets, I had a glass of my Innocent smoothie this morning.. Which wasn't as enjoyable as I remembered (I used to drink it all the time.) For some reason the bits in the drink bothered me a lot more than before, I suppose I've gone off bits in drinks; I'll still drink it nonetheless, the actual taste is fine but the bits are just bleh. I also had a yoghurt today instead of a sweet, and it was lovely! I can never find nice raspberry yogurts in the supermarket and for once, I found some! Obviously I will try others but it's nice to get a good one first time.
Also, how cute are the new Revlon Lipbutters?! I bought Wild Watermelon and Sorbet today, along with a Soap and Glory eye primer in "Bright Light" and I definitely will be doing a review on all of them, especially the eye primer, let's just say I've had an interesting experience with it so far.. I also want to get another colour in the new Revlon Lipbutter range, I can't remember what it's called but it's a light coral-orangey colour.. It looks gorgeous!
I've also been trying out the Rimmel Exaggerate eye primer and will be doing a review on that when I get back from my holiday away.

If anyone reading this has any tips on good ways to change your diet, exercising or even what your favourite beauty product is right now, please let me know! :)

Have a lovely day x


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