Saturday, 28 September 2013

OPI Chic From Ears to Tail & Minnie Style - NOTD #7

Hello everyone! Back with my weekly nail post, no idea why I call it NOTD (Nail of the Day) as it is a weekly thing.. But lets just roll with it! Now I know what you are thinking.. It's September and you have bubblegum pink nail polish on, what?! I know.. But I wanted to bring it out one last time before Autumn truly sets in.. Anyway today we are here to look at OPI's Chic From Ears to Tail & Minnie Style.

Both of these are from the Couture de Minnie collection (surprise surprise) that was released this Summer. I actually got 3 out of the 4 limited edition shades and the new Liquid Sand shade, as it was part of a set my Dad got me at the airport as a present (he knows me well!) Last year OPI created a Vintage Minnie Mouse line, so this year OPI wanted to go for the more "fashion-forward" side of Minnie and go for brighter, more intense girly colours - so this collection was born.

“This year, OPI is exploring a different side of Minnie Mouse. The Couture de Minnie collection draws inspiration from Minnie’s iconic style and incorporates trends most recently seen on the runways, from standout shades to fun textural elements.”

Chic From Ears to Tail is the bubblegum pink shade which is a crème lacquer, meaning the formulation is to give opaque, solid colour easily. Minnie Style is the red and white podka dot glitter shade, which I personally loved the minute I saw it in the set!

As per usual I absolutely love both polishes and even though they are not season appropriate, I still love them both so much! They both applied easily, each coat dried within minutes and with 2 coats I had full opacity! Also, with Minnie Style, it acts as a really good top coat as well as it is a thick clear nail polish with glitter particles throughout it.

The only things I have to comment is with Chic From Ears to Tail, the colour looks a lot brighter on the nails than in the bottle, in the bottle it looks like a muted, dull pink but on the nails it is a bright bubblegum colour - not a bad thing, I was just surprised! Also, I had to apply 2 coats of Minnie Style which I did not expect as even though there are about 2 billion glitter particles in the bottle, about 5 are on the brush so you really need to scoop them up to get some on the brush, which isn't a bad thing really - means a better top coat!

I as per usual, love these polishes. OPI has not failed me yet with their formulation, their lasting power, their colour range.. Overall yet again, I am seriously impressed and will slowly keep expanding my collection, even though it breaks the bank. UK peeps, you can buy these here and as for anyone outside the UK, google is your friend, use it wisely!

That's about it for this post, thank you for reading. Have you tried any OPI nail polishes? Please let me know what your favourite shade is!

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Liebster Award - Take Two!

Hello everyone, happy October! Starting this month's blog post off with a double whammy of the Liebster award, I was nominated three times last week or the week before so I thought I would do them both in the one post for you all. Hope you enjoy!

If you've never heard of this award before it's basically a tag that people do to get new bloggers or bloggers that don't have many followers a chance to shine. The rules are you get nominated, you answer the 10 questions then you nominate people with less than 200 followers and then let them know you nominated them so they can answer the 10 questions you have set for them, and it goes on and on.

Anyway, first of all, 10 questions from the lovely Jesse!

1. What's the best movie you've watched in 2013?

Oh god I am the worst at remembering films! I recently saw White House Down and it was pretty good, also Grown Ups 2 and Despicable Me 2 were great!

2. Who's your favorite Youtuber/Blogger?

Oh lord, this is difficult, I have so many favourites! Probably one that is under both categories is Zoella.

3. If you could go on a date with any book or movie character, who would it be?

Either Edward Cullen cause I used to be a Twilight mega fan, Mr Darcy cause he is just bloody amazing or that 50 Shades of Grey guy (never read the book) just cause he seems like.. An interesting fellow shall we say? They were the first three characters I thought of, maybe if I was more patient and actually thought about my answer for a while I'd pick different characters but these will do fine!

4. What/Who is your guilty pleasure?

Anything cringey. One Direction, Backstreet Boys, High School Musical 1-3.. Anything that is a guilty pleasure, is my guilty pleasure.

5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Probably to heal people or create a shield to protect people. Or have awesome angels wings and fly about. All three would be nice really!

6. Name one song that you always skip but never delete? (we all know we have that)

I actually have like 500 songs that are in this category, from Snow Patrol to Calvin Harris.

7. If you had one chance to ask your future self a question, what would it be?

I would probably ask myself if I'm happy with my life and if I've done everything I want to accomplish the now. Oaft. How deep.

8. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely restuarant chicken liver pate. So weird, but I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT! It seriously drives everyone insane because if a restuarant does chicken liver pate for starters I will order it and eat it in about 2.5 seconds. It just tastes so much different to supermarket pate!

9. If you could trade lives with any person for one day, who would it be?

Definitely either Barack Obama or one of my parents. I want to see what it's like to be the President for a day, or what it's like to be one of the two people that created me.. How odd.

10. What did you have for breakfast today?

I had an Innocent smoothie carton (think it has mango, pineapple and banana in it) and two strawberry nutri-grain bars. Staple breakfast!

Now, onto the questions from the lovely Hannah! (Nice name by the way ;D)

1. What is your favourite highstreet shop?

Probably Topshop or Urban Outfitters, even if they are ridiculously overpriced!

2. What makeup item couldn't you live without?

I don't think I have a staple product that I couldn't live without but I know I would not be able to live without powder or mascara!

3. What is your favourite item of clothing you own?

Probably my "Keep Calm and Kill Zombies" t-shirt, it's super comfy and huge on me and I just love it.

4. Silver, gold or rose gold jewellry?

Probably a mix of all three but I tend to go for gold, if I wear any at all.. I'm the worst at remembering to put some on.

5. What have you studied and what are you studying now? (If you are currently 
in education)

I did loads of Highers (Maths, English, Psychology History, Geography, Modern Studies, Administration) and Int 2s which are basically lower than a Higher but higher than a Standard Grade (Maths & Cooking) and came out with 5 A's and 4 B's and I'm now in second year at Uni studying Psychology and History!

6. What made you want to start blogging?

I just remember reading Zoella's blog and from there reading other people's blogs, and from there I was just fascinated by beauty and fashion and was then inspired to create my own blog to share my thoughts. It's basically my little creative beauty corner of the internet, my internet home.

7. What is your dream job?

Probably either a Psychologist or a detective in the police (forever wishing my life was like Beckett in Castle or Bones in.. Bones!)

8. What is your perfect first date?

Suit and tie, dress, food, flowers, starry night, connections, romance.. What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic.

9. How do you stop procrastination?

Uhm, I don't.. Nah, I just think to myself that I need to do this work or else I'll fail and it'll effect my grades and that usually gets me going. I basically think of my life being totally screwed up if I don't finish writing an essay and it usually does the trick!

10. Do you think you'll still be blogging in 5 years time?

Who knows, I'll tell you in 5 years I suppose!

And finally, the last questions from the yet again, lovely Lexie!

1) Why did you start your blog?

See above in the last 10 questions!

2) If you could only have one beauty item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I'm really not sure.. Like genuinely. Probably a base, like a concealer, but then I think oh god I need powder, and mascara.. One of those three!

3) If you had £1000, what would you spend it on, make-up or clothes?

Definitely clothes, I think I would end up not using a lot of the make-up as £1000 is a lot of money! So I would probably end up wasting make-up whereas with clothes, it's more expensive so you wouldn't get as much and I would therefore wear the clothes I got more? If that even makes sense.

4) What are your favourite blogs to follow?

Basically all the blogs I follow are amazing and I love them all but the ones I thought of first were Caroline from burkatron, Gemma from missmakeupmagpie, Fee from makeupsavvy, Amy from alittleboatsailing, TheSundayGirl and Fredie from ferdies-place!

5) What is your favourite make-up brand?

Automatically I would have said Revlon but thinking about it, I have way more Rimmel products than Revlon.. It's a close tie between the two!

6) What is your all-time favourite lipstick? Brand and colour?

I don't have an all-time favourite, however I tend to gravitate towards Revlon, then Rimmel, then Mac and Soap & Glory.

7) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I love South Africa so there, or New Zealand/Australia/Thailand as I've not been there before and those were the first three that popped into my head, so I must want to go!

8) What is your number one beauty secret/tip?

Let. Your. Skin. Breathe. I just don't understand how people could constantly wear a full face of make-up everyday and then SLEEP with it on?! Gurl, if you do this, just stop it. STOP IT NOW. Your skin needs to breathe, so yes, have a no make-up day once in a while! Your skin will thank you for it.

9) What is your favourite clothes shop?

Again, see above. :)

10) Who is your celebrity idol?

To be honest I don't think so, I mean I have idols but they are not celebrities.. One being Nelson Mandela for example.

11) Any advice for a new blogger?

Blog what you want to blog, blog what you like and most importantly have fun! You are not going to be a professional blogger straight away, heck, I'm still new really and I am not professional at all! Don't feel influenced to blog about certain things or change how you write posts or whatever. Just do what you want to do and blog what you want, and enjoy yourself - don't get all stressed out, have fun! :)


Your questions from me are:

1) Have you got a hidden talent?
2) What are your thoughts on Apple products?
3) Have you got a dupe for a high-end beauty product?
4) What was your first make-up item?
5) What's one embarrassing beauty fail/disaster you have had?
6) Favourite TV show?
7) What is one thing you are proud of that you have done/achieved?
8) What do you do apart from blogging? (school, uni, work etc)
9) Healthy food or junk food?
10) Why did you start buying make-up in the first place?

So that's about it for this hefty long post, hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me through these questions. Do you have any suggestions on what you want to see on my blog? Please let me know.

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick Collagen Boosting Lipstick in The Missing Pink - Review & Swatches!

Hello everyone! Before we start this post.. How long is the name of this lipstick?! When I was writing it out for the title I was like wait.. Is this for real?! Why is this so long?! Oh well.. Today I'm here talking about a little something I picked up a few months ago that I just thought "meh, I'll give it a go!" and now.. I absolutely love it! It's The Missing Pink by Soap & Glory.

I had never really looked at Soap and Glory's make-up until I heard Sammi from Beauty Crush mention it in her YouTube videos, especially the lipstick Pom Pom which she wears here so the next time I went into Boots, there was a 3 for 2 offer on so I had already picked 1 thing and I thought, why not get something from Soap & Glory? So after looking at their make-up range, especially their lipsticks, and after debating what one to get I ended up getting this and another shade, Guavarama, but this is by far my most worn lipstick out of the two!

The packaging on the outside, like the case, is alright I suppose. Black plastic with the name on it, pretty standard. The actual lipstick tube is a lot nicer though, with the gold plating and I especially love what S&G have done with the actual lipstick itself, by printing their logo onto the lipstick - a classy look for a drugstore make-up product, making it look high-end! 

As you can see from the swatch below it comes out as a dull pink nude.. I think that's the best way to describe it anyway! It's basically a "your lips but better" colour and I know there are about 10 billion lipsticks that do this but I haven't seen anyone talk about this one and it deserves some credit!

I bought this after swatching it with the intention that if running out the door/on the bus to Uni/between classes at Uni I can just quickly put this on without a mirror and boom, lipstick done.

As you can see by my extreme pose below, on the lips it definitely is a your lips but better shade for me, it might be the perfect your lips but better shade for me actually! It gives my lips a slightly more pinkish tone but honestly, it just makes my lips look so much better in a very natural way. 

When applied, it is super smooth and soft on the lips and doesn't dry them out as it has a satin finish. It has a staying power of about 3 hours before you need to reapply, which I don't mind as it doesn't leave an annoying stain around the edge of my lips like some lipsticks do when they wear away, it just fades away, so I can easily reapply it without a mirror and it's fine again.

Overall, for not doing any research on this lipstick, I really like it. It's a great everyday colour, it's got a satin finish so it's nice and smooth, it's easy to apply as you don't need a mirror and it lasts for a decent(ish) amount of time! I would definitely recommend and you can get it here for £9 (most of the time you can get it cheaper as Boots always has offers on!)

So that's about it for this post, hope you enjoyed reading this little review. Have you tried any of the Soap & Glory make-up? I haven't tried any of their skincare products yet but I really want too, I think next time I'm in Boots I'll give one a go.. Have you got any recommendations? Please let me know!

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Monday, 23 September 2013

Back to Uni - Update!

Hello everyone! Bit of a personal, catch-up post tonight and for once I'm actually writing it now and then just posting it, usually I schedule as I'm only on this at the dead of night or at really random times during the day.. Anyway that's not what I'm here to talk about!

So, most of you probably don't know that I've just went back to Uni, I started my 2nd year today (eek!) and I do Psychology and History, my main thing being Psychology.. Basically in like 3 or 4 years I'll be allowed to call myself a Psychologist, or even a Doctor. How fancy!

Basically, I won't be blogging as much. I'm not going to go on about it but I did recently start blogging again about a month ago, which is mental, the month has flown by! However now I have a lot of work to do with being back at Uni, with reports and essays and wikis and practicals and tutorials and what not to get on with so blogging will be pushed aside a bit.

I don't know if I'll have a schedule, like "I post every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday!" or something but I know I'll try and post about 3 times a week, however during exams it may be a bit quiet on the blogging front but I'll do my best to post lovely things for you to read.

I just want to let you know that I really do enjoy writing posts for you, it really brings out my creative side and there is nothing more relaxing for me than having a billion tabs open with blog posts for me to read! I am really happy blogging and will continue to do it even when I'm at Uni, I just wanted to let you know that my Uni work will always come first, I'm really strict on myself with it however I love blogging and it's my favourite hobby so I will continue with it and not give up this time like I did last year!

I don't really think there is anything else for me to say, I've just spent 2 hours writing up notes from today and my head is already mush - I'll need to get used to actually using my brain for educational purposes again after a 4+ month break! My Mum is currently watching The Notebook so I might go down and watch it, however it just makes me all emotional and soppy.. Time to get out the tissues and ice-cream!

Anyway, that's about it for this post. Hope you guys don't mind these kinda chatty posts, I quite like doing them and reading them, you can really see someone's personality shine through. As you can see, I like to talk a lot. A LOT.

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

OPI Danke-Shiny Red - NOTD #6

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another NOTD, and I'm thinking of turning this into a weekly series kinda thing as I change my nail varnish every week so I think I'll just show you every week what I'm wearing and review it at the same time. Anyway, today I'm here with Danke-Shiny Red by OPI.

Danke-Shiny Red is part of the Germany Collection OPI launched last Autumn/Winter at the same time as all the fashion weeks, so the nail polish shades were similar to the colours seen on the catwalks. They had 4 different types of nail polishes in this collection, Danke-Shiny Red being a shimmer lacquer, meaning it's enriched with a soft undertone of sparkly gold, which I personally think is gorgeous.

I don't feel like I need to comment on the packaging, as it's the standard glass nail polish bottle with the matte lid - I don't really know what to say.. It's good for storage, the applicator is big so it's easy to apply the polish and it's overall great. Lets just look at the polish inside the bottle, shall we?

When I saw this colour, I just instantly fell in love. It's the perfect bright, intense, almost neon traffic light red. I would personally consider it a neon red as when it was on my nails it caught my eye all the time (plus my boyfriend loves it, he actually picked this one for me to wear - yay!)

As I said above, it's a shimmer lacquer so it has undertones of sparkly gold which unfortunately you can't really see in the pictures but honestly, it has the most beautiful golden shimmer when the light hits it, I never noticed it at first, I just saw the neon red and thought "I'll have that!" but now that I see the golden shimmer I love it even more.

Basically, what I am saying is it's a bright intense neon red with a golden shimmery undertone when the light hits it aka the most beautiful red nail polish EVER and you all need to get it now!

For application, it takes 2 coats for full opacity, obviously with a base and top coat also. It dries reasonably fast for someone who is extremely impatient *ahem* me *ahem*.. As for chips, I had this on for 5 days and it had chipped slightly, but nothing major as I never really wear nail varnish longer than a week because I get bored of having the same colour on my nails and end up picking it off. Beauty blogger failure. :( Also, taking it off was fine and it didn't stain my fingers/nails as last week I was taking off a Topshop matte nail polish and it stained my fingers so bad! I was raging, totally unimpressed with their new matte collection.. But that's a different story!

Without flash
With flash - now can you see the neon factor with me?!
Overall, this is a beautiful polish in the bottle and even more beautiful on the nails, honestly the pictures do not do this polish justice. It's just the perfect neon red that stands out with subtle golden shimmery undertones that show when the lights hit your nails. I think it's perfect for all seasons and I'll be wearing it a lot this Autumn/Winter, I think I've already decided that this will be my Christmas nail polish! The application is easy, it lasts for a long time and it's just gorgeous, I'm seriously so impressed with OPI nail polishes and I've never had a bad experience with them.

For UK people, you can buy OPI from here for £11.50, which isn't cheap but it's the one place I've found that sells all the OPI polishes, obviously other websites sell them for cheaper but they don't sell every polish. I personally just googled "opi UK" and found loads of places that sell them but I've only found the one website that sells every polish.

Anyway, that's about it for this post, I hope you all like reading these NOTD posts and are as happy as I am that I'm making it into a little series! Have you tried any of the OPI nail polishes, and if you have, what's your favourite?

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

FOTD + OOTD #2 - Knitted Lace - 13/09/13

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another FOTD + OOTD, however I didn't realise before taking these photos and uploading them here that my outfit is really similar to the one I posted last week.. So I apologise for that but I really love this jumper so I thought I would show you anyway.

I just want to apologise for the crappy mirror outfit shots as I don't have someone to take my pictures for me and stuff.. So until I figure something out this is the best I can do!

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins

These jeans were actually a rediscovery for me from a few years ago, as a month ago I was clearing out my wardrobe and I found these, expecting them to not fit me and be uncomfy but oh my lord, these fit me perfectly and are super comfortable, I'm so annoyed at myself for shoving these at the back of my wardrobe! I've actually been needing more jeans so after rediscovering these, I've saved myself some pennies for some other treats!
Vest - Topshop
Jumper - Forever 21

The main reason I wanted to show you my outfit is this jumper - how gorgeous is it?! Again from Forever 21, the quality is amazing for probably $20 or less! I was a bit nervous as it is see-through at the front so wearing a white vest top underneath covers up my bits, however I personally think a plain white t-shirt will look better so I'm going to get one from Primark or something and see what looks better.

Anyway, the jumper is a gorgeous pale baby blue which has this beautiful lace detailed pattern at the front, and is plain at the back with long sleeves. I just think it's such a lovely print and I can't wear to wear this in the colder months with a scarf, jacket and boots!

I had to show you a closer up view to see the detailing, sorry the lighting isn't as good in this photo. The lace detailing is flowers and leaves connecting to each other with the same gorgeous pale baby blue colour and even though it's see-through I just think it'll be lovely to wear in the winter with some layers underneath, it's such a winter colour for me!

My make-up is pretty similar to my last FOTD except I went slightly more smokier on the eyes by actually using powder eyeshadow - I made the effort! Most of the time I do like to wear really natural make-up so when I'm going to a special occasion or something, dressing up and wearing more make-up feels a lot more special.

List of make-up:
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Eyeshadow Palette in Whats Nude
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 012 Bronze and 005 Nude
No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara in Black
Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 063 Eastend Snob
Soap & Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick Satin Finish in The Missing Pink

So that's about it for today, hope you enjoy reading these kinda posts. Have you rediscovered anything from your wardrobe recently?

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Friday, 20 September 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in 107 - Review & Swatches!

Hello everyone! Before I get onto my review, I'm actually away this weekend, I'm in York as you read this for the weekend with my family (fun fact - I'm half Yorkshire!) so the posts today, tomorrow and Sunday are all scheduled (yes I am posting 3 days in a row because I am away, you are lucky!) and I won't reply to your comments/read anyone else's posts this weekend straight away but I'll be on at some point on Sunday/Monday when I get home so I'll be commenting away and reading posts then. :)

Anyway, today I am here to talk about my favourite dark lipstick that Zoella always talks about in her videos, it's Kate Moss' lipstick line for Rimmel in the shade 107. 

Rimmel claim that this lipstick is: "Sumptuously Rich Matte Colour with a sublime comfort. Ruby Powder enriched formula. Intense velvet colour all day!"

The packaging is pretty simple, red plastic case with Kate's signature in black and a Rimmel black strip around it. The lipstick tube is again just red and black, there's nothing too special about the packaging, Kate's signature is a pretty cool effect but apart from that.. It's just pretty standard, I'm not looking for anything amazing for £5.49! Also, you need to pull it for the lid to come off so I'm pretty sure it won't open itself and go everywhere in your bag, however I personally always keep my make-up in a separate compartment just in case.

I unfortunately didn't get a swatch on my hand because the photo I took was blurry and I thought you seeing it on my lips would be good enough, but in the tube it looks the exact same as it does on the lips - a dark pink raspberry colour.

On the lips this lipstick is just gorgeous. I absolutely agree with everything Rimmel claims this lipstick to be! It is matte but it is not drying at all, it is almost moisturising as when it is applied it honestly glides on like a dream, it is so easy to apply! On the lips it is so soft and smooth, exactly like velvet, no joke. This lipstick is very pigmented, you could dab it on and blend it in with your finger or a brush for a bit of colour, making it more like a stain with a little colour or just go full on like me and get this intense dark raspberry colour. 

Once on the lips, it stays there for a long time! Due to it being such a dark lipstick it does kinda act like a stain as well. However, it's not invincible so if you are eating or drinking it will transfer but I think pretty much every lipstick does so it's not a big deal, plus I always take my lipstick with me when I'm going out in case I need to touch up. Saying that though.. I was out with my friends one night having a few drinks, and it lasted a solid 8 hours with me drinking and having a good laugh and it still looked good! I'm pretty sure I touched up once but to be honest, it would have been fine if I hadn't, it was probably because all my friends were doing it in the bathroom..

Overall, I am in love with this lipstick and I cannot say anything bad about it. It wears well and doesn't come off for a long time, it is super pigmented, applies smoothly. isn't drying on the lips even though it is a matte lipstick and once on the lips it genuinely feels like velvet and is so soft. I just love it. I AM IN LOVE WITH A LIPSTICK.

So.. That's about it for this post, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy these reviews. Have you tried any of Kate Moss' lipsticks from Rimmel? 

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Topshop Matte Nails in Dress Up - NOTD #5

Hello everyone! Today I'm here to talk about this little number, Dress Up by Topshop (Topshop always have such cute nails for their nail polishes!)

Topshop has recently launched a line of Matte Nails for the Autumn, with a range of different colours, mostly dark reds, blues and purples with the exception of a white, a pastel blue and a pastel pink. I had been looking for a blood red nail varnish for a while and I hadn't quite found the perfect colour, so naturally when I saw this I was like yep buying it okay! I was always intrigued with the fact it was matte, as I had never tried a matte nail polish before so I thought I'll give it a go!

Topshop claim that these matte nail polishes are "Fast drying, extra long wear with lasting smooth glossy look finish and perfect coverage." Lets see if this one lives up to this!

The packaging is quite unique and I've never seen one like it. Obviously it's in the standard bottle but it has a matte effect to the bottle, almost like a rubber cover over it and then at the front you can properly see the colour of the polish, as with the cover everything looks hazy, a kinda glazed effect - a very cool effect though! The little bottle handle thing (I can't remember what it's called, having a blonde moment, the black bit) is also matte, so overall I really 
like the packaging for £6! 

Application was.. Kinda annoying to be honest. It wasn't fast drying like Topshop claimed it to be, it actually took longer than most of my nail polishes.. Like 10+ minutes. I don't know if that's long or not but one coat dries usually before 5 minutes and this was double the time, so I was getting impatient in the end. You get full opacity with 2-3 coats so it did take a while for me to get the perfect coverage Topshop claimed.

It dries to be smooth and matte but still glossy.. It's honestly really weird. It's matte in some lights but in others, it looks glossy and like I have a top coat on. Also, due to it being matte it kinda dries into the ridges of my nails if that makes sense, so it didn't really look too appealing to me.. However I stuck with it because I thought that was the look.

Taken with flash.
Taken without flash.. The nail polish looks shiny and I have no idea why, I don't have a top coat on it!

You can see what I mean as with the flash in the picture below it looks glossy even though it's matte.  Once it had dried everything was fine, it looked nice, I love the colour as it's very Autumnal but I still wasn't sure if the matte look was for me.. I mean don't get me wrong, it looks nice but I do love my glossy finish. Obviously I didn't put a top coat on, as that would just ruin the whole "matte" factor plus Topshop did say it had extra long wear so I didn't think I needed it.. I was wrong.

On day 1 one of my thumb nails chipped, not a huge chip but it is noticeable. Note: I haven't repainted the chips because I want to see how long the original coats wear. By day 2 the majority of my nails had chipped slightly at the bottom, which isn't that noticeable but still annoying and on day 3 I got another big chip on my index finger. At this point I just thought "screw it" and put on a top coat, completely ruining the point of the matte finish but I bought this polish more for the colour than anything, and it looks just as great, maybe better glossy rather than matte.

Also, after taking this off my nails I found out that it stained my fingers! I don't know whether it was the colour or the formulation itself, but it took a lot of scrubbing to get off, which was so annoying! The regular Topshop nail polish line has never done this with me so I'm not really sure why this happened but just a heads up just in case you have it or want to buy it.

So overall I'm not the biggest fan of this nail polish, it didn't have the extra long wear, it didn't dry fast and it took a while to get perfect coverage but you do get a good solid colour in the end. I think if I use this polish again I'll just put a glossy top coat over it as I love the colour, just not the actual polish itself. Also, just remember this is my opinion, it might work great for you and you might love it, so if you like the look of it even though I don't, try it out! This is just my personal opinion, you might love it.

That being said, I'm looking forward to the Barry M Matte Nail Collection thats coming out as there is a colour very similar to this one in it and I've heard really good things about that collection, so I will be buying one to try out. I've not given up on the matte nail look just yet!

Alright, I think that's about it for this post.. If you have tried any of the new matte nail polishes from Topshop, what did you think, and do you have any other matte nail polishes you could recommend?

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Boohoo Dress Wishlist - September

Hello everyone! Today I'm here with a more fashiony post, as I was browsing through the Boohoo dress section and came across these beauties, so I thought I would show you! Also, the skirt I have been wanting for absolutely ages so I thought I would include that too :)

I've loved Boohoo for over a year and haven't had a complaint with any of the clothes I've ordered (minus a pair of shorts but they didn't fit me so I just sent them back.) The clothes arrive within a couple of days with standard delivery, the clothes are very reasonably priced and they are all high quality! The website is also super easy to use, overall it's my favourite online shop and I'm always on, so I thought I'd let you all know in case you have never heard of it before!

Anyway, onto my top picks..

Sorry for the crappy collage, it was my first attempt, I'll get better, I promise!

What can I say, I'm a sucker for daisies. After seeing the new trend pop up in every store, I was throughly happy to see Boohoo have a cute daisy dress for £20 that I could wear to Uni, with thick tights and boots or on a night out with some heels and a leather jacket. YAY.

I don't usually go for this type of dress but seeing that loose fitting dresses are the hype, I thought I would search for one that would be, again, suitable to wear to Uni. What attracted me to this dress was that it's a reasonably good length, coming just above the knees and also the colour, it's a gorgeous grape purple colour and I actually don't own that many purple things, so I thought it would be a nice change.

What I really like about this dress is that it's big. The main thing I hate about dresses is sometimes they are just so tight in certain areas *ahem* boobage *ahem* and you feel like you can't breathe, and also because I'm so tall (near enough 6 ft) some dresses barely cover my bum.. However this dress is designed to be large and flowy and long, which I just think is perfect for everyday wear, especially since I'm a student that has to climb hills everyday, and I don't particularly want anyone seeing up my dress!

All I see other people blog about is tartan is BACK BABY! I personally am loving this trend, especially because I'm Scottish myself so I'm all up for supporting  a trend that came from my home country! I love that it's red and black because I can see myself wearing a big dufflecoat, thick tights and some black boots in the winter.. See I've not even bought it and I know exactly what I'm going to wear with it. I have problems guys.

This dress is definitely my favourite out of them all. I absolutely adore the detailing and design and I just cannot say good enough things about this dress! It comes in black with the white detailing also but I just think the white with black detailing is more versatile, so I could wear this in spring and summer too.

Finally, last but certainly not least, this little beauty! Again with the tartan trend, I just adore this skirt. I think it will pretty much go with everything and I just love the colours together, so pretty and it will be lovely for the darker months.

So that's about it for this post, thank you for reading and I hope you like this new style, I want to do one of these posts every week where I show you what styles I'm liking from different shops! I focussed in on one store today but I'll be branching out in my next one! What style trends are you loving for Autumn/Winter? I think you can see what I'm loving.. 

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx
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