Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At Tag!

Hello everyone! Back with yet again, another tag! Today the brilliantly named and lovely Hannah (gotta love the name Hannah!) tagged me to do this.. I was like oh god, I have so many, however I'll narrow it down to a few points.. So here's hoping I don't look like too much of an idiot!

1) Actually sticking to a skincare routine

Time and time again I go through periods of using a face wash in the morning then moisturising, and cleansing, exfoliating once a week and moisturising at night and then one day I'll be lazy and just moisturise and BAM skincare routine has been ruined, then 2 months later I'll find the energy to start using a face wash and stuff again. Basically I'm just really lazy.

2) Applying foundation/concealer/blusher

Okay, this is going to sound so weird but I am genuinely afraid of wearing the above. I absolutely hate the feeling of wearing foundation, I feel like my skin is clogged up and can't breathe and I hate it, plus I have combination skin so my skin does get oily and with foundation on top I just look like a shiny mess. For concealer, I just feel as if it'll bring out random lines under my eyes and it'll look patchy, and as for blusher, I have red cheeks as it is, I really don't want to enhance them some more. Basically I suck. End of.

3) Plucking my eyebrows

Oh my lord. The pain. THE PAIN. I do it to save myself from growing a monobrow, however I have cried before doing it, and sneezed a lot too, for some reason I always want to sneeze whilst plucking my eyebrows? Does anyone else get this? Anyway, I have before just left my eyebrows in a mess as I just cannot deal with the pain, it's so sore for me! Ugh.

4) Sticking with the 6 week rule with haircuts

I hate going to the hairdressers. I've had the same hairdresser since I was born and I still need to tell her exactly how much to take off the ends as I'm terrified I'll end up with a bob and all my hair will have disappeared.. So I go only when I have a special occasion coming up, so probably 4 times a year or something.. Oops. 

5) Picking off nail polish

I blame my Mum for this. Whenever I'm bored, or I've had my nail polish on for a few days, I will pick at it and peel it off, every. single. time. My Mum does this and I guess I just got it from here and I'm always so ashamed to walk around with minging looking nails after I've peeled half of them off before I can get home and take it off, but really, there is nothing more satisfying than peeling it all off in one.. I'm sad.


So that's about it for this tag, hope you enjoyed reading how much I fail at life haha! What are your beauty things you suck at?

Have a lovely day and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx


  1. This is super weird but I agree to every single point, I'm exactly the same when it comes to beauty, haha!

  2. 6 weeks? I didn't know there was a 6 week rule, I'm lucky if I have it cut twice a year and even then I just have my Mum do it - she was a hairdresser but I still don't think it counts.

    I'm the same with my skincare routine, forget about it one day and the whole thing is off.

    It sounds like you're quite sensitive around your eyebrows, especially with the sneezing, I do think the more you do it the easier it becomes and the less they grow back, well at least with my eyebrows, I tried to grow them out recently and only had the odd stray hair - of course when I'm not wanting to grow them out they're everywhere.

    Sharon xx

    Beauty, Miscellany

  3. hi! I've nominated you for the versatile blog award, the details are on my blog! :)

  4. i always pick off my nail polish too! cute post x
    The Frill Seeker


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