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Collective Haul - Reviews and Swatches!

Guess who got sucked into various offers, for example 3 for 2 on Maybelline?! Oh wait, that was me.. I am such a sucker for good offers! Anyway, the past week I have been shopping a lot, both with my family and on my own, and I have been picking up a lot of make-up for me recently, I feel I have turned a new leaf and am now starting to experiment and step into the make-up world, finally!

The first thing(s) I should mention.. Aren't exactly make-up, but they are nail polishes;

Left; Chica Boom Boom (H&M) (£3)
Centre; Dazzle (Crackle Nails - Tophop) (£5)
Right; Parma Violet (Topshop) (£5)
Chica Boom Boom is actually a bright neon orange, my camera is not giving the colour justice. I've wanted a bright orange nail polish for what seems like a very long time, I don't actually have an orange nail polish at all, and since it's summer I thought why not? I also got a bit of a tan this year (this is surprising yes, I hardly ever get a tan, I am horribly pale) so I feel like the bright neon orange won't look as drastic against my skin.

Dazzle is not actually for me, it is for my friend Leanne, as it is her 18th next week (I know she won't see this so it's fine) and since her favourite colours seem to be purple and gold, when I saw this in Topshop it was like a blessing! It's the most beautiful dark purple, but not super dark, just.. Oh you can see it in the picture! Anyway, it has gold glitter through the purple, which I'm sure she will love!

Parma Violet is again a nail polish for me, and again, I have wanted a violet nail varnish for SO LONG! All the purple nail polishes I have are either super dark or kind of.. Medium tone? Does that even make sense? Probably not.. But when I saw this colour I knew I had to buy it, it just looks the most gorgeous pastel light violet colour I've seen (that was A LOT of words to describe a colour) and it had to be mine. Onto make-up now..

Smokey Eye Palette from Topshop - Tawny. (£12)
I love the fact it comes with a little "how to" booklet; for people who are inexperienced with make-up, it really does help them out. Good job Topshop!
From right to left: The first colour is a pink, champagne colour, it is very shimmery and I would use this as an everyday colour, just to sweep it all over the lid and give my eyes a base/some shimmer. The second colour is a shimmery bronze, which is my personal favourite out of the 4. It looks SO NICE on the lid, you can use this to line your upper lash line and also take it down to the lower lashline and I think it would compliment everyone. The third colour is again a lovely eyeshadow, I love how it is brown but it has gold shimmer throughout it, it looks lovely through the crease and gives your eyes definition. The final dark shimmery brown really makes the eyes smokey, as using this in the outer corner and blending will really make you look sex-aaaay!

So, as you can probably tell.. I got some eyeshadow from Topshop! I got the Smokey Eye Palette in Tawny, and there was another one but it was darker and more grey/purple toned, I'm sure that was called Smouldering. The shadows are quite shimmery which I like, and they all compliment each other beautifully; the reason I got Tawny was because the bronzy colours look nicer to me, and I think they actually will look nicer on me, I feel because I'm pale it will work better? Correct me if I am wrong though! But yes, I love the colours, especially the bronze colour, (the one on my middle finger in the photo.)

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - 05 Enternal Gold. (£4.99)
Also, congrats to Maybelline on the packaging - I love it! It's so sturdy and looks so fancy and elegant, I love the little glass pot loads!

I saw this yesterday in Superdrug (when I got sucked in with the 3 for 2 offer), and there was only one or two left, and I knew I had to get it; it is the most shimmery, creamy eyeshadow I have ever put on my eyelid (now, I haven't put a lot on so I think this is good, however, other people may think differently). I really do love this colour, I think with a liquid black liner (coming up soon!) and red lips, it will look perfect, it's an easy everyday eyeshadow that you can just whack on, but at the same time you can dress it up too.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner - Black. (£5.99)
I can see why Maybelline called it "Master Precise", with this bad boy of a felt tip, even the shakiest of hands could manage a straight line

What really drew me to this product was, not only did I really need to buy a liquid liner, but the fact that it was a felt tip liner, making it a billion times easier to put on. I even tried it out last night to see if it really did make a difference, and holy moly, my liner was close to perfect first time! I was so impressed with this product, application is easy, and the blackness of the liner is pretty good also, hopefully it doesn't dry up quick or anything, but so far, fingers crossed!

Topshop Kohl Eyeliner - Saddle. (£4)

Ever since watching the beauty girls and guys on YouTube I have desperately wanted a brown eyeliner for so long! Whenever they use one I always think "Holy moly, black eyeliner is so harsh compared to the subtleness of a brown eyeliner, why do I not have one?!" and whilst I was in Topshop a couple of days ago, I saw a brown eyeliner and thought why not? I may as well give it a go! And I LOVE it! It is very build-able, it starts off very subtle, so it would be nice on the waterline but on the top lashes you can build it up so it is an obvious brown line, but still subtle compared to a black eyeliner I think!

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick - 422 Coral Tonic. (£7.19)

Again, I loooove the packaging! It is such a classy lipstick, with the shiny see-through red lid and the simple but elegant silver packaging, it makes it look like it's worth more than you paid for - a good quality to have!

The last (but certainly not least) make-up shopping splurge was to this gorgeous coral lipstick by Maybelline. I had been looking for a coral lipstick for a while, as I only have a red lipstick and I was kind of getting bored of wearing the same lipstick over and over again, and although there probably isn't as much difference between the lipsticks as I had originally wanted there to be, it is less bold than the red one and it makes a change, which I like. It is again, build-able, you can put it on lightly but you can certainly build it up to make it as bold as any red lipstick would be.

I also then bought a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from Topshop;

Topshop's Moustache Tee by Tee and Cake - £20
So cute! Aaaaah!
Love the "wrapped up" detail at the sleeves, it just makes the t-shirt for me.
I have been obsessed with moustaches and anything moustachical recently, from necklaces to now a t-shirt! I was actually leaving Topshop after buying the jeans below and continued shopping, but I had to go back and buy it, I couldn't resist! It is such a cute top and you can pair it with anything, from jeans and a blazer (to spruce things up) or wear it casual with a skirt.

Topshop MOTO Super Soft Skinny Leigh Jeans in Indigo - £38
One of the reasons I fell in love with these jeans is this ankle detail, I love this look right now and have been doing this to jeans which don't already have this detail, I think it just instantly changes the style of your outfit and makes it a bit more classy.
Finally.. The jeans! I absolutely adore these jeans and I am so glad I bought them, as you can tell by the title they are seriously SO super soft, which I love. I have been obsessed with jeggings for the past year and have been wearing the same 3 pairs constantly, and they have done their time; one has two holes near the crotch and I cannot let them go! I really wanted a new pair of jeans, but jeans for me are usually not as comfy and they don't stretch as easily as jeggings, but these jeans proved me wrong! They are easy to put on, extremely comfortable, go with anything and everything and are so soft, it's like I am wearing jeggings - good buy!

So after that super long blogpost, I am done! This is everything I bought over the past week, I love it all and I hope you enjoyed reading this (sorry if it was a bit longwinded) but yeah. Have a lovely day and I will talk to you very soon. :)

Hannah, xx

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