Friday, 31 August 2012

MUA Eyeshadow in Matt (Shade 16) - Review and Swatches!

Here comes another review! Today, it is MUA's Eyeshadow in Matt (Shade 16) which I picked up a couple of days ago in Superdrug, they were doing a deal where every MUA product was £1! I only bought this though because I was in a rush and just wanted to try something by MUA, but I have the urge to go back and see what they have to offer.. Must.. Resist..

Anyway! Let's discuss the more important thing, which is this eyeshadow. I chose this one out of the selection available because I was looking for a really plain, matt skin tone/light pink colour, as my eyes are naturally quite red because they are extremely sensitive and are blotchy/dry most of the time, so I wanted something to tone this down.

First of all, for £1, the packaging is okay! It is sealable, and quite compact so it's easy to store. The container is plastic, but, for £1, would you expect anymore?

When I initially swatched this, I was surprised by how dusty and powdery the eyeshadow is, and also how light pink it is! I mean, I know it clearly looks light pink in the pan, but on my finger it is close to white! I have applied this to my eye and it is great as a base for further eyeshadows, as I used this first, then applied some more shimmery, slightly brighter (but still subtle) eyeshadows from Benefit and Topshop, and the other eyeshadows stayed on well and had something to cling onto! 

As you can see from the picture below, it turns out almost white on the skin, which I don't mind, as when I applied this to my eyelid I packed it on so the colour showed up more clearly. I would say this eyeshadow is good as a base and also okay on it's own if you just want a very natural, matte eye (you will have to blend it into your skin though as I find without blending it, it looks a bit odd and a bit too dusty.)

Overall, for the price of £1 (bargain!) I would say it was alright. Not the best eyeshadow in the entire world, I wasn't expecting it to be, but I will be using this as a base for more natural eyeshadow looks as I find it works well as a base, or just on it's own if I don't want to wear a lot of make-up. However, a warning to you, the fall out is quite excessive so you have to be careful when applying this as it does get a little bit messy so make sure to tap any excess off the brush before applying, but once you have cleaned up the eye and blended it it looks fine.

I am thinking of going back into Superdrug though, as I really do want to try out their famous Heaven and Earth palette and also the Pretty Pastels one, I've just been checking out the Superdrug website and the MUA website and both palettes have a lot of colours that I would wear. Furthermore, because of the £1 deal and the fact I've checked out what Superdrug have in this offer, I've been drawn into wanting to buy some blush and lipsticks.. Man I am a sucker for offers! What is your favourite product from MUA?

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I will talk to you very soon. :)

Hannah, xx

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