Monday, 27 August 2012

Hair of the Day 27/08/12 - Rope braid and side plait!

Hello everyone, I know earlier on I posted a NOTD but I could not resist to post what I'm going to call Hair of the Day, or HOTD for short (I don't know if people call it that but there we go.) This hairstyle is so easy to do, it literally takes about 3 minutes and it will look lovely with any sort of hairstyle, whether you have short hair, long hair, or any sort of fringe/no fringe at all. I obviously have very long hair, it's also quite thick which helps with the plait, and I do have quite a short fringe with a lot of layers but because I do the rope braid quite tight, it keeps all the layers hidden, and even if some do stick out and show, it doesn't have to be perfect, you can mess it up and it'll look just as nice as if you have it super precise!

So as you can see I pulled all the hair from my left side of my head and brought it all over to the right, which is also the way my fringe goes back, so it makes it look neater, and symmetrical, if that makes sense?
I have no idea why my hair is a different colour in this photo to all the others, it must have been the lighting as I do not edit my pictures! This shows how I securely fasten my rope braid, as I take two curby grips and cross them over each other to make an X;  it makes it harder for them to move/fall out and I also think it looks nicer!
You may also be wondering - "Hannah, how do you do a rope braid?!" Well, the way I do it is I split my fringe apart, and since I have a short fringe that gets longer from the left to the right side of my face, I kind of split it so most of my fringe is with the short side (left) and the longest bits of my fringe is at the other side. Then, I simply take the two pieces of my fringe, pull them over to the right side and start looping them round each other. Since I have a short fringe I usually wrap the right side (the longer pieces) over the left side (shorter pieces) as this secures the shorter pieces as they are now under the longer pieces of hair, so they are less likely to fall out. I then simply keep wrapping/looping them round each other until I am close to the end of my fringe, and then fasten them with two curby grips in the shape of an X and viola, you have a rope braid (I really hope this makes sense, comment if you want me to make a video of it and I will!)
Here is my plait, I know what you are thinking.. "Holy crap her hair is long!" This is just a classic plait that I can easily throw my hair into, it takes next to no time at all and it suits all occasions, you can have your hair like this for fancy or casual days! It's a great hairstyle if you are in a rush, for example late for work or school, or if your hair is a bit dirty (like mine is in these photos, it is second day hair) then it still looks brand new. To do this plait I simple bring all my hair over to one side (the right side for me), split my hair into 3 sections and I usually take the piece that is at the back of my head (which, in my case would be the piece on the left) and wrap it round the middle piece of hair. I then take the right piece of hair and wrap that round the new middle piece of hair, and continue this process until I get to the bottom of my hair, and I then secure it with a hair bobble. As you can see, I do have layers in my hair so some bits may stick out/fall out throughout the day (my plait has been perfect all day, but it is now 11.30pm so only having one piece of hair sticking out is pretty good!) but you can mess the plait up easily and take some layers out to give it the messy effect; again, like the rope braid, it does not need to be perfect. Experiment with it, you never know what you might like! 
So, after all that explaining, this is the rope braid and side plait! I absolutely LOVE this combination, and wear it together frequently. However, sometimes I do only do one or the other, for example I will put my fringe up in a rope braid but leave my hair curly (this is a especially beautiful combination) or straight, or I put my hair into a side braid but leave my fringe down; it all depends on how you style it and what you like.

Anyway, I hope you found this HOTD interesting and usual, and maybe you learnt something from this, I don't know, I can't tell if my explaining is good or not, it would be so much easier to make a video! If you would like to see a video, please leave a comment below as I have officially started making videos, which you can see if you click here and, yeah, I hope you are all having a wonderful day/evening/afternoon/morning (depending where you are from) and I will speak to you all every soon! :)

Hannah, xx

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