Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD #1 - Topshop Parma Violet

Hello everyone! I have recently been a little bit of a shopaholic and have been buying everything and anything, from nail polishes to jeans! (blog post coming soon about what I bought!) On my shopping spree, I ended up buying 3 nail polishes (one is for my friend though so really only two for me) so today I decided enough was enough, I took off my hot pink sparkly nail polish and decided to choose Parma Violet by Topshop.

Parma Violet Nail Polish by Topshop - £5
Look how glossy it is - Aaaaah!
4 coats, natural light
At first when I applied Parma Violet, it was very sheer, so immediately I was like oh no please.. But I was persistent, and applied about 4 coats and it turns out to be the most glossiest polish I own, I will still put a top coat on it though but I don't really need it. The colour pay off is beautiful, it's the exact same shade as the bottle colour, as some previous nail polishes (not with Topshop) have been one colour in the bottle and another when you apply it to your nails, and I was thinking "eh what is this trickery?!" but not with Parma Violet! I have always wanted a pastel lilac nail polish and when I saw this I knew I had to get it -  it is definitely worth the fiver. Overall I am extremely impressed with this, I will definitely be buying more Topshop nail polishes next time I'm in, and will be reviewing them as I have done with this one.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! :)
Hannah, xx

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