Thursday, 4 September 2014

Empties #1 - Bastiste, Herbal Essences, Simple, Aveeno and Ghost Fragance!

Hello everyone! Today is the start of a new series on Blog This With Hannah - Empties! I personally love seeing what products people use up and what they think of them. Also, how satisfying is it to use a product up completely?! I don't know if it's just me but I just feel like I've achieved something when I finish a product up. Although, sometimes I get too deep about it and I'm like how did I even finish this WHOLE BOTTLE?! WHERE DID IT GO?! Yeah.. Anyway, onto the mini reviews!


Bastiste Dry Shampoo (full size & travel size): The classic of all classics. I don't know anyone who hasn't used this dry shampoo in the past, and so many of my friends continue to use it. I've personally used this for about 2-3 years and continue to repurchase it. It does come out white and that is annoying, however the trick is to really give it a good shake before using it as if you don't, it will make your hair have that grey tinge/shine. When you shake it, it does come out white however when you start to brush it in it disappears and all the oil and grease in your hair is gone, it's brilliant! Would I repurchase? Already have, using it currently!

Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shine Reflecting Shampoo and Conditioner: I've kinda got a love/hate relationship with this shampoo and conditioner. I did a blog post years ago on another herbal essences duo which you can see here and I really didn't like that one; it clogged my hair up and made it feel horrible. However, recently I've had a really dry scalp and have developed eczema on my scalp, which is the worst by the way. After a few tar shampoos from the doctors either not working or making my hair worse, I decided to go back to this duo as I had previously used it before my scalp had a freak-on. For some reason, one day my dry scalp just went away, literally out of the blue it just.. Stopped being flakey and dry; I have no idea why, or if this duo even helped it but it did so I suppose I have to give it some credit! Also, I should probably say this duo is meant to make your hair super shiny and glossy looking and it really does do that. However, the hatred of this duo is my hair gets super tangly after I use it and this has only started to happen recently.. I tried to switch up my shampoo but it made my scalp go weird again so I don't know, I'm just trying to deal with it but I don't really know what to do. I would recommend it as it does really bring shine and softness to your hair - I think my scalp/hair is just a bit weird. Would I repurchase? Already have, using it currently!


Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser (x2): This has been my moisturiser for at least 2-3 years, I have extremely sensitive skin and my skin will take an allergic reaction VERY easily. In conjunction with my sensitive skin, I also have quite bad eczema all over my body and I honestly use about 5 different creams to try and help it.. So I need to be careful what I use. This moisturiser is brilliant, honestly I have NEVER had a bad reaction with it, it has no perfumes or any bad chemicals in it and has nice vitamins which is always a bonus! It does the job well and keeps my skin moisturised all day and night, and it's super cheap - Simple is always on offer for 3 for 2 in Boots and in general it's under £4 anyway so it's a bargain. Would I repurchase? Already have, using it currently!

Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion: I've used this product for quite a while now and within the past probably 6-8 months I've just went off it. It does the trick, it cleanses your skin and gets all your make-up off. It doesn't have any harsh chemicals or perfume in it and as I said above, I have extremely sensitive skin so Simple is a really good brand for me. It's cheap and widely available which is always a plus for a student like me! However, I have went off it a bit.. I started using the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash-off Deep Purifying Cleanser and I really do love it - weirdly it has perfume in it and I'm actually allergic to perfume but for some reason my skin hasn't reacted to it, no idea why! This is one that you wash off and I think that's the reason why I've went off the Simple Cleanser as I really feel fresh and clean when I wash off my cleanser compared to when I just.. Put it on my face with a cotton pad, if you get me? It's still really good though, I just think I've found one that I prefer more now. Would I repurchase? Probably if I didn't have my current cleanser, it's still good!

Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm: Again, this is from Simple, I'm sorry it's just a good brand and it suits my skin! I bought this originally because it's meant to depuff and sooth tired eyes which is something I need and struggle with and I feel this eye cream helps with both. Since using it, my eyes aren't as puffy in the mornings and it moistures my under eyes really well and through this it soothes them so much! Again, no harsh chemicals etc etc. Would I repurchase? Already have, using it currently!


Aveeno Moisturising Cream (300ml & 100ml): I actually get this cream prescribed to me by the doctors to help control my eczema so I don't know if I should be recommending this.. All I'm going to say is it's a great, natural moisturiser for your skin and really helps to get rid of any dry or itchy skin that you have. If you have eczema, please consult a doctor as to what creams you should use as everyone is different, however I know this is sold in Boots just in the shop floor so if you are just wanting a nice natural moisturiser, I would recommend this.

Ghost Enchanted Bloom Fragrance: I got this perfume about.. 2 and a half years ago from my ex boyfriend's parents.. Yeah. As I said above, I'm actually allergic to perfume and I do get rashes if a lot of it touches my skin so whenever I get perfume, I usually just spray it on my clothes. This was a lovely fruity girly scent - on the Ghost website it describes it as "Gloriously romantic and addictive with its alluring femininity, this floral and fruity bouquet opens with aromatic Jasmine and Water Lily with Peach Caviar and a lingering hint of Amber to add a warming foundation to this deliciously floral fruity fragrance." It's a really nice, subtle scent for all year round and it's one I recommend. Would I repurchase? Probably, once I've run out of my other perfumes/body sprays.

That's about it for this post, jeez it's been a long one. As above, I said I was having trouble with my hair and how it's randomly got very tangly and hard to manage. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to help overcome this or any products I should try out to help? Thank you for reading!

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx


  1. Great work! I LOVE empties posts, too! I've always wanted to smell the Ghost perfume.. I've seen it on so many blogs. I imagine it's lovely!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

    1. It is lovely, such a nice subtle florally scent in my opinion :) xxx

  2. I love empties posts! I love Ghost perfume! My favourite moisturiser is also simple!

  3. Aveeno is a brand I always look at. I have heard it's really good and is often recommended by doctors for dry skin, one day I'll pick some up to try out.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Aveeno is such a good brand for sensitive skin, I just recommended it to my Aunt tonight as she has itchy arms. It's so good, I highly recommend it! xxx

  4. Lovely post,hun! :)


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