Thursday, 25 September 2014

My American Football Outfit ft. Fanatics!

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with a little bit of a different post. I was recently challenged to create my perfect games day ensemble, so I decided to stop by Fanatics to get some inspiration and ultimately, choose out the clothes I would wear to an American football game! Fanatics is basically a huge online store specialising in American sport clothing, merchandise, accessories.. The list is pretty much endless! However they do also have an Olympics section which I think is pretty cool, and universal for many countries.

 Now, this games day ensemble is for an NFL game (which I'm just assuming is American football) so being from Scotland, we obviously don't have American football, however I do enjoy watching it on TV! So I have taken up the challenge and this is what I feel like I'd wear if I was going to see a game, as it always looks amazing when watching it, and let's be real, it looks so fun in the movies too! Who wouldn't go if they had the chance?!

Now, when I say I've watched it on TV, you have to understand that I have no idea who anyone is or even what the teams are. So, when I got this e-mail and decided to take up the challenge, I was left with the question 'what team am I going to support so I can pick out an outfit surrounding them?' So what did I do? I asked my Dad. This is how the conversation went;

"Dad, what's your favourite American Football team?"
"Either the Miami Dolphins, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Green Bay Packers."
"Okay.. Which one is the coolest?"
"Probably The Green Bay Packers."
"Thanks Dad!"
"Wait, why did you want to know ab-"

So that's why I decided to go for the Green Bay Packers, don't hate on me, my Dad is always right! Now, when I think about an American Football game and what I would wear, I feel I'd go pretty crazy. I browsed the Fanactics website for quite a while before I found what I thought were necessary items for a game, as they have jerseys, banners, trousers.. Pretty much everything to be honest! 

For me, a jersey is obviously the most essential thing for a games day outfit, followed closely by a hat, scarf and bracelet for the added touch! But in all seriousness, in a weird way I related this to what the students wore to the Quidditch matches in Harry Potter (I know I'm a weirdo) and they all wear their houses' scarves and hats and I just feel like I'd do the same! Plus, how nice is that hat?! Honestly, I would wear that now, I have a huge obsession with hats and looks so cool.

I thought that pairing the jersey and accessories with ripped jeans, hi top converse and a bag pack would bring the outfit together and make it equally stylish. These are three items that I personally am loving at the moment and they are all things I wear frequently.

Ripped jeans are on trend right now and I think practically every shop is selling them! I have a pair from Abercrombie & Fitch, however these ones are from Topshop and they are beautiful. I love how distressed they are and also how they look a bit worn at the thighs - I actually saw them in the shop today and fell in love with them.

I have these converse in black and I really get a lot of use out of them. I really feel the white hi tops are just perfect for sporty occasions as, well, they do have the baseball link! In general they look sporty and the white colour is fresh and will go well with the jersey. I used to have these in the canvas white sneaker style however I had to throw them out recently as they were falling apart. RIP :'(. Instead I now have the leather white sneaker style which are equally as nice!

This bag pack is actually the one I use for Uni and it's so comfortable, even when you are carrying a lot of stuff around. I'd imagine when going to a game you'd need a lot of things with you, like food and drink, a camera, a jacket in case it gets cold or rains.. Right? So surely a bag pack would be the best choice, well in my opinion it is anyway!

Challenge complete! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I really loved thinking up ideas for what I would wear and how Harry Potter inspired me with this outfit - only I'd someone link American Football to Harry Potter!

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx


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