Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Memebox x CutiePieMarzia Collaboration Box Review!

Hello everyone! Today I'm here with a little bit of a different post for me - it's an unboxing! Last month Marzia (aka CutiePieMarzia) posted this video in which she showed us her Memebox that she made that we could buy. Now, I've seen many of these kind of videos where YouTubers have made their own beauty box in collaboration with a company however I've never really been that interested in any, UNTIL NOW. *dun dun dun* The thing in this box that really caught my eye are the first thing I talk about below and after that I was sold. Plus, it was REALLY good value - for 6 full products from Korea I paid $23 (which is just under £14) and I got free shipping. What. A. Bargain. You can see the box on the website here however it's out of stock now, boo :( But anyway, onto the review!

First of all, how cute is the packaging, right? Right?! Yes.

When you open the box, you get a couple of sheets of paper describing all the products and also a little bit about Marzia and facts about her, which is a nice touch. Underneath the paper are the products and again the packaging on the inside is lovely; I love the flower pattern and the cute yellow paper at the bottom!

BEAUTY PEOPLE Snow White Special Edition Season 2 [Glimmer Black, Glimmer
Brown, Glimmer Bronze, Glimmer Gold, Glimmer Beige] 1.6g*5eaFull size product: 1.6g*5ea, ($54)

This is what sold me. Honestly, when Marzia showed this in her video I knew I had to get this box, just for these eyeliners. First of all, I paid under £14 for the entire box and these eyeliners alone usually would cost just over £33. BARGAIN. I've never heard of any of the brands in this box, but I knew I had to try these out as they looked like fantastic shades to use whenever and for any occasion. These waterproof gel eyeliners come in 5 different colours - black, brown, bronze, gold and beige. When I first swatched these eyeliners, they glided on my hand with ease; they were super creamy and pigmented, especially with the brown, bronze and beige shades. I've only tried the brown, bronze and beige so far but I am really impressed - they lasted all day and didn't crease. What more can I say?!

IT’S SKIN Babyface Volumer Essence 30mlFull size product: 30ml, ($11)

I haven't tried this and to be honest I don't even know what it is - let me look it up. This is what it says on the Memebox website; "This multi-purpose essence offers deep hydration, wrinkle-care, and brightening care all together. The hyaluronic acid and the NMF (natural moisturizing factor) formula deliver intense hydration that penetrates the outer layers of your skin, delivering moisture from within. Also, adenosine and niacinamide components work to mitigate and treat signs of aging. They also work to brighten the overall complexion by improving and supporting cell generation and turnover." From this, I'm assuming it's a moisturiser. Reading more into it, you can either use it as a moisturiser, you can mix it in with your foundation to make it more glowy (I think) or you can specifically use it to add a glow - as a highlight I assume. I don't know how it will react on my skin, it smells strongly of perfume and as you know (or don't) I suffer from eczema, I'm allergic to perfume and have extremely sensitive skin and have had allergic reactions to things from Simple (a brand dedicated to sensitive skin) so I guess we will see! I'll report back on how it was.

IT’S SKIN Babyface Cotton Primer 35mlFull size product: 35ml, ($9)

What intrigued me about this primer was the fact that.. It's purple. I mean, I know it says lavender pink on the bottle but I didn't expect it to actually be purple. It smells very strong of perfume so again I don't know how this will react on my skin. When I used it on my hand it was fine, however this doesn't mean it will be fine on my face. Memebox have described it as: "Enriched with green tea, chamomile, and aloe vera leaf extracts, this primer works to cover up any skin imperfections for a silkier, smooth baby-like skin texture. It leaves your skin moist from within, and cotton-silky on the outside. This is the perfect primer for easy subsequent make-up application." My bottle kind of exploded (can you tell?) so way too much product came out and my skin was basically purple, however I only took a tiny amount and put it on my thumb and the result was a sheer sheen of brightness/highlighterness (no purple!) Again, I will report back on how this goes for me.

SHARASHARA Petit Friend Tinted Balm PK01 Crown Pink 20gFull size product: 20g, ($8)

I have a very love/hate relationship with this product. I love it as it's moisturising, as it has mango seed butter and avocado oil in it and it is also a 2 in 1 product - you get a lip balm and a lip tint together. The pinky shade is the lip tint and as you can see it can be built up to quite a bright pink colour or, as I prefer, you can just dab it on to add a little bit of colour onto your lips. What annoys me though is the actual design of the product. The crown in the middle does look nice, however it's not practical at all - I can never get any lip balm without also getting some of the lip tint too, and I don't always want to add colour to my lips! I sound like I'm moaning, which I am, I just wish they had designed it so that half the tub was the lip balm and the other half was the lip tint, so you could choose what you wanted and perhaps mix them together if you wanted that too. So yeah, love it and hate it.

PURE SMILE GeleeLaboStrawberry 12g

Full size product: 12g, ($1)

This genuinely just looks like strawberry jam to me. I know it's a face mask, I haven't used this yet either (shame on me, I know) however Memebox describes it as: "Pure Smile’s GeleeLabo facial packs have a jam-like texture because they contain high concentrations of natural extracts from nutrition-rich fruits that work to moisturize, soften, and renew the skin. The strawberry extracts, hyaluronic acid, centellaasiatica, and licorice root complex treats and smoothens any skin imperfections while also improving skin elasticity." This sounds like a good face mask to me in my opinion, and once my one that I currently use for this kinda thing runs out, I'll give this one a go and report back to you with a post!

L.VIDA Nail Polish LC-34 Pink Orange 10mlFull size product: 10ml, ($6)

If you read my blog regularly, then you know I'm a lover of nail polish. Again, not tried this, don't hate me, I WILL SOON OKAY? This formula is meant to be long lasting and fast drying, however I will tell you if this is the case! Either way, it's a lovely summery coral colour which is right up my street and I will be trying this soon - I have a few nail polishes I want to try, so expect to see lots of NOTD's soon! :)

That's about it for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I've never heard of any of these brands as they all come from Korea but what I loved about all the products is they had some sort of natural ingredient(s) that are kind to the skin, which I personally love. My favourite item from this box are definitely the eyeliners, I'll not need to buy an eyeliner for ages now as I'm in love with these ones! I'll be testing out all the products I still need to try and will be posting a review of them at some point, I can't promise soon as I like to use up something first before I start another one, I know, I'm weird.

Have a lovely day, and don't stop smiling. :)

Hannah, xx


  1. Everything in here is so gorgeous! Such cute packaging!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  2. Such a cute little box. Some of those products look really nice.


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