Friday, 14 September 2012

Guess who passed their driving test?!

Meeeeee! Yaaaaaay!

Oh dear, it was so scary and nerve-wracking. For all you people who haven't taken your test in the UK, or if it's different outside the UK, basically you have a bunch of lessons with your driving instructor in their car, which for me I had 25 lessons, and then the day of your test you have an hour warm up with your driving instructor and then the driving test marker person comes along and you go out driving with them.

So I had my warm up, and I didn't do too bad. Made some silly mistakes, but overall was fine, I stalled once (basically means the engine cuts out, it's not really that good) but it's alright as long as you react quickly and don't cause problems for any other drivers.

But as I was coming into the test centre, I was really getting nervous. Like, I was shaking, and I tried reversing into a parking space and there were cars around me with people about to sit their test in them, and I wasn't doing too good under the pressure even though they probably weren't even looking at me.

And then I burst into tears.

Yep, I burst out crying. My driving instructor started freaking out, but I do cry a lot when I get nervous and I'm all under pressure and worried, so it was almost a good thing I did cry, to get it out my system before the actual test. So I went to the bathroom, had another cry then told myself to man up. Now, before I went to the bathroom there was no one in the test centre so I wasn't that bothered because no one would see my red and blotchy face.. However, when I came out, there were about 10 people sitting staring at me and I was so embarrassed.

I then met my driving test marker person, her name was Isabelle, and she checked my eyesight, then asked me to open the bonnet (which I couldn't do) then asked me about the engine oil and stuff (I froze and nearly forgot the answer, but I was fine) and then asked me about my head restraint and how to adjust it etc etc and away we went!

She basically took me all through the big town next to my wee town, through the countryside a bit and into a dual-carriageway, and I did stall on my turn in the road (basically a 3 point turn, where you face one side at the start and face the other side at the end) but it was fine because I fixed it super fast and didn't affect anyone.

I did all the horrible roundabouts I said I hated, I did the big town which I said I hated, and I only got two minors! (meaning I got two little faults) which were the stall on the turn in the road, and one for vehicle checking, which means I didn't check around my car properly once, and I passed! Yay!

My Dad is already looking at cars, we've seen a nice blue Toyota Aygo which I am slowly falling in love with, but we shall see.

But yay, go me! :) Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Hannah, xx

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