Monday, 17 September 2012

Topshop's Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Saddle - Review + Swatches!

I feel like all I ever do is review things, I swear I'll have a better variety of posts up soon, I have just been so busy and I have doing about 10 posts a day and then spreading them all out, I'm starting Uni soon and everything is a wee bit mental! I'm currently at my Freshers week in Glasgow so I'm never really at home, therefore all these posts are pretty much queued up, so bare with me whilst I start a new chapter in my life!

But onto why you are here, reading this post; Topshop's Kohl Eyeliner in Saddle! I bought this about 3 weeks ago and have used it a fair few times and have came to my final verdict on whether I like it or not.

First of all, the packaging is quite cute isn't it? I love the Topshop signature spots, I think they are adorable and are very aesthetically pleasing, for me anyway. It's just a plain pencil with a little white lid, which I am unsure on whether it is really that secure, I would watch if you are carrying it about with you, I feel like the lid could come off if something pushed against it.

The pencil is pretty self explanatory, it's just a plain brown pencil, this is it swatched onto my hand along with Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold and Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner in Black, as you can see I take my blog pictures all at once! On the hand it looks fine, the pigmentation is.. Alright, I suppose, I prefer it way more on the top of my lashline, as on the waterline it comes off quite easily. It is a little bit tricky to put on your top lashline though, it doesn't apply very smoothly and you have to keep your hand still or else it will smudge everywhere, which I don't really like again, I prefer my eyeliner to be a straight line.

As you can see the one time I actually take a picture of me wearing Saddle I have an extremely thin line making it barely noticeable, if you saw yesterdays blog post you will have seen that I like both my liquid eyeliner and my pencil eyeliner quite thick, however I was going for a rather natural look here. So yes, I do quite like it on the top of my lashline, I think it compliments my eyes well and is a lot more subtle and natural than a black line.

As I said earlier with the smudginess, that could be seen as a good thing if you smudge the outer corners of your eye to create an almost smokey eye effect with a pencil eyeliner which is quite good and saves you the hassle for doing a smokey eye using eyeshadow, it could be a quick alternative for a smokey eye.

Overall, for £4 I think it's alright. Not the best I hoped it would be, but not the worst. I don't think I will repurchase it after I have used it all, I will try Maybelline's brown eyeliner as I absolutely adore their liquid eyeliner so hopefully their pencil eyeliners are just the same.

Do you have any recommendations for brown pencil eyeliners, and if so, what are they, and what are your favourite eyeliners?

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful week and I will talk to you very soon. :)

Hannah, xx

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