Monday, 10 September 2012

South Africa in OOTD's!

I thought today I would do a cheeky little holiday OOTD since this summer I went to the beautiful South Africa, which is my favourite place to visit in the entire world, it's honestly just amazing, I love everything about it there. Now, I went in July which is Winter there and the weather varied from raining to hot and sunny, so you will see a variety of outfits here. Let's get started!

I'm sure this was one of my first days there (I should of mentioned I went for 3 weeks) and the view in the background is Llandudno, which has a gorgeous beach, it is one of my favourites around Hout Bay, which is where my family and I usually visit. I'm wearing one of my proud bargains of the summer, I bought this dress in Tesco (a British supermarket) for about £15 and absolutely ADORE it, it's just a straight down dress with lace detail all over, it is sleeveless and the colour is a pink peach which I love, it is so in this year! I paired it with a brown belt I bought years ago, black tights as it was still quite chilly, brown flats from Element, a cream cardigan from H&M and my bag is from Yumi (which is the only bag I brought so I won't repeat the bag over and over again.. Take note!)

This is in the V&A Waterfront, look at that elephant, it's made out of beads and wire, it's incredible! It was quite cloudy that day as you can see so I was sporting this loose stripy tank top from H&M, which was one of my personal favourites this summer, I love the combination of bright and neutral stripes. I paired this with a light brown cardigan from H&M, jeggings from Asda (they do great jeans) and my treasured Vans.

This picture was taken in Simon's Town at the beautiful harbour, honestly, it was stunning, I will do a South Africa memories post if you would like. I am wearing the same jeggings, shoes and bag from the last picture, but my Mickey Mouse sleeveless top and my denim shirt are both from Topshop and I love this combination, it is so cute and I will be wearing it this Autumn. I am also wearing a necklace form Topshop, which is gold and long and has sunglasses and a moustache (very in!) which again I love. My sunglasses are from Burberry. :)

As you can see from the background I was at Bloubergstrand which is the famous beach where you have the perfect view of Table Mountain. As you can see, this is the same dress I wore in the first picture but this one is bright green, I got 3 colours of this dress, I also have a white one because I loved it so much! I have paired this instead with a black belt and my black Vans, but everything else is the same.

Here I was at the Cape of Good Hope, this is after I climbed the huge hill/mountain by myself, I asked some random person to take a picture for me! It was extremely windy that day so I went with my navy blue jeans from Dorothy Perkins, my black Vans, my Yumi bag, my scarf from a stall at a market in South Africa, my leather jacket from Topshop and a white top.. which I can't remember what it is, but let's just say it was nice okay! What I love about this outfit is the leather jacket, as it isn't that heavy/warm so I can wear it throughout Summer and Autumn and it will do me just fine.

Look at all the pretty penguins! This was at Boulders Beach where all the penguins live, and I am wearing this lovely jumper from Topshop, and what I love about it is that it's quite short so it sits just on my jean line which I think is cute, and also that it is quite thin, so I can wear it in Summer and then layer it up in Winter. I paired it with my Burberry sunglasses, jeans (no idea what jeans as I can't see them/can't remember), the cutest moustache necklace from Topshop, and most likely my black vans.

This is my final outfit to show, which is one of my favourites. The view behind me is of Chapman's Peak, which is meant to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. This dotty dress is from Henry Holland in Debenhams and I bought it whilst it was on sale (bargain!) and I love that it can be either super dressy or super casual. I paired it with my brown flats from Element, a silver bird necklace from Fossil and my burgandy necklace from a boutique in Kalk Bay, the beads are meant to be lucky. I also paired this with my brown cardigan from H&M.

Just put this picture in because a) I love this picture, b) I love this view, c) I love my dress and d)... I just love everything.

And that's it from Timothy the penguin and I, also the accessories I have been wearing in all the pictures are either my Chanel J12 watch, my Fossil watch, my Daisy Chakra bracelet and a gold ring my Mum gave to me. I hope you enjoyed reading this, have a lovely week and I will speak to you all very soon.

Hannah, xx


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