Friday, 7 September 2012

Summer Days by the Beach - OOTD!

Hello everyone! Now that summer is unfortunately coming to a close *cries* I decided to show you all one of my favourite summer outfits for lounging at the beach with my friends or my boyfriend or just walking around town in when it's a super hot day!

First of all, ignore the blurry bit in the middle of the photo, something was on my lense that day and I never realised until when I got home! This playsuit was one of my personal favourite items to wear this summer, it was from Henry Holland in the Debenhams sale which I absolutely adore! Unfortunately this is not on sale anymore but any floral playsuit looks so cute for summer. 

My sunglasses are from Burberry, which my Dad bought me earlier on this year. My accessories are my Chanel White J12 watch, my yellow Chakra bracelet and a aqua hair tie. My shoes are from Melissa in Brazil, they are rubber light pink dolly shoes with a gold buckle and a light pink plastic bow at the front. My bag is from a boutique in York called Yumi which I love, it is very unique and has a vintage look to it, it is also not structured therefore you can fit a lot in it, which again I love, I use it for all occasions.

Look how nice Scotland looks! It was the one really hot day in summer, there was no clouds in the sky and the sea was so refreshing compared to the hot sand. Also, another reason why I love this playsuit is because of the super thin straps and the low back, there is also a belt that I tie in a loose bow at the back which you can see below. Overall the playsuit isn't tight, which is good for hot days so the air can flow through my outfit and not make me super sweaty and uncomfortable - a key essential for any outfit in summer, especially when it's hot!

A wee cheeky close up of my playsuit, so you can see how bright and colourful the flowers are, it is honestly perfect for summer, I am so sad that summer is coming to a close as it'll be too cold to wear this in Autumn and Winter as I think it would look a bit silly with tights :( *cries again*

And that is about it! These photos were not intentionally taken for an OOTD, my boyfriend had my camera and he loves to take photos of everything and these were the actually sort of decent ones that he took of what I was wearing. I thought I would just make this post to say goodbye to summer as it is now September and is starting to get cold again.

So yes, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will speak to you all very soon. :)

Hannah, xx


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